The Political Dynamic of Dayak Elite on Relocating Capital to Kalimantan Island

  • Purnama Julia Utami Universitas Palangka Raya, Indonesia
  • Sri Musrifah Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban, Indonesia
Keywords: identity politics; Dayak elite; relocating capital city; multiculturalism; policy analysis; political identity


This study aims to see how pertinent the Dayak elites believe in the transition of relocating their capital to Central Kalimantan. This study uses a historical-dialectical approach to address the Dayak that strengthen their identity. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the importance of the Dayak in strengthening their identity and reputation. With a newfound identity, Dayak farmers would gain recognition from both the provincial governments and the entire state of Indonesia. From now on, the Dayak would be recognized as a legitimate and valuable population.


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